Democratize your marketing data with confidence.

Every brand has a cherished marketing analytics team that pulls data and runs analyses—and these teams are growing fast. But still, analytics “tickets” are piling up at many companies. A six-week gap between question and answer isn’t just a long time for marketers to wait, it thwarts a brand’s efforts to build a more agile, data-driven marketing culture.

The way to scale marketing analytics is to let the specialists tackle the weighty analytics problems while giving the rest of the marketing org self-serve access to data and insights, so they can ask questions, get answers and take action all on their own. But to ensure success, a brand needs good data governance, marketing intelligence tools designed for marketers, and solid education for end users. Beckon delivers all three.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what legacy I want to leave. Do I want to be that guy who outsources thinking and analysis to a third-party vendor, and it’s my job to just execute the playbook? Or do I want to build, in-house, a core competency for data-driven marketing so that my entire extended marketing team knows how to view data, ask questions and optimize? The answer is clearly the latter.”

CMO of Global Electronics Brand


Marketing data is inherently messy. When only a chosen few pull the data, it all kind of works, because those individuals know the rules, exceptions and transformations required to make the data usable. Self-serve reporting and analysis that fails to account for these inevitable rules and exceptions just helps the brand make bad decisions at scale.

Beckon helps you establish a marketing taxonomy up front, then transforms and enriches your spend and performance data accordingly as it comes into the platform. Only then can you be confident that everyone on the extended marketing team is working off the same, clean dataset.


The sales department uses sales software. Finance uses finance software. HR uses HR software. Why do we ask marketers to use software designed for IT or analysts? Marketers could learn to write SQL queries, use SPSS, or figure out Tableau Server Edition, but why should they have to?

Beckon is designed for marketers. Our intuitive Q&A interface—sitting atop Beckon’s clean, well-named, structured dataset—makes it easy for marketers to access data and insights no matter their level of analytical sophistication. Which creative does our target segment like best? Are we spending enough on that tactic? How is the campaign performing? How does this launch compare to previous product launches? Marketers can slice and dice the data freestyle, using filters and dimensions to go deeper and uncover root causes. And because the data is clean and trusted, you know the insights can be trusted, too.


Marketing teams shouldn’t be waiting for performance reports to be handed to them. We want them jumping into good data and using it to plan, learn, optimize and report. But not every marketer can build a dashboard from scratch.

Beckon provides plug-and-play dashboards and scorecards based on marketing analytics best practices right out of the box. Use them as-is, or tweak them by adding tables, charts, analyses, callouts, key takeaways, section breaks, images, videos, social streams, widgets from across the web, and more. Beckon dashboards are foolproof and easy to use, but we don’t just drop off software and leave. The Beckon Services team is available every step of the way to help your team craft the right performance story.


Some marketers will know just what to do with self-serve access to data and reporting—they’ll be asking questions, building dashboards and scorecards, and running analyses in no time. But others won’t know where to begin. They’ll want to learn more about best practices for marketing performance reporting and analysis.

As a full service partner on the journey to agile, data-driven marketing, Beckon is committed to seeing your team actually using self-serve marketing data to make smart decisions that boost your marketing ROI. Deploying software is just the beginning—we also provide end-user training, ongoing education, and case studies and best practices shared via white papers and on-site workshops.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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