Tame your data, and unlock insights that drive growth.

Every other marketer envies you, the retail marketer, because you have sales data. They think it must be a simple thing to tie your marketing activities directly to business outcomes. Oh, how wrong they are.

You have so much information to deal with you can barely see the forest for the trees. You’ve got a huge number of SKUs that change every season, massive amounts of loyalty-card and transaction-level data, hundreds of stores, regions and markets, and every channel under the sun in your marketing mix. You’ve got millions of rows in a Hadoop cluster and literally nothing to show for it. The data just sits there, taunting you with its untapped business-building insight. It’s time for actionable insight and real growth. It’s time for Beckon.


Beckon automatically ingests all your spend and performance data, including sales data, so you can look beyond the top of the funnel.

See how you’re tracking across the customer journey at a glance, and get early warnings of dips in performance so you can take action before problems hit downstream.

Real-time scorecards and dashboards let you instantly compare the performance of different products, regions, agencies, campaigns—everything—for better spend decisions.

Account-level customizations support your fiscal year, preferred currency and custom calendar configurations, including 4-4-5 calendars.

Retail best-practice reports built right in for quick, insightful analysis. Or, use the flexible reporting platform to create your own scorecards and dashboards.

No more waiting for performance reports. Grant your team self-serve access to the clean, trusted dataset so they can track and optimize performance in real time.

Use our next-level marketing dashboards to bring together data, images, rich media and the voice of the customer in a powerful story of marketing performance.

Get your teams and agencies all working on the same page with analysis templates and view-only reports that reinforce goals and KPIs consistently and transparently.

Export to PDF and PowerPoint, or use the Beckon API to share your clean, structured data across the organization—including feeding your mix modeling teams.

Beckon is your trusted partner every step of the way, with long retail + apparel experience and a deep understanding of industry data sources and diagnostics for performance.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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