Unite your data once and for all to see what’s working across it all.

You need omnichannel insights that let you move as fast as today’s consumers. But your marketing data is S-L-O-W. It’s scattered across channels, tools, departments and agencies. It’s fragmented, incomplete, inconsistent and conflicting. And sometimes, it’s just plain inaccessible.

Beckon gives you a comprehensive, real-time view into marketing performance. We start by pulling all your spend and performance data into a secure, agile, centralized data hub. And we mean ALL your data. We pull from tools with APIs and tools without. We pull from popular marketing platforms and home-grown, proprietary systems. And everything in between. Then, we clean your data, normalize it for consistency, and flow it into reporting and analytics you can trust.

“Having a solid source of truth for all marketing reporting has completely changed the game for us. NOW we can be data-driven. NOW we can be agile. NOW we can accelerate business growth.”

Global Head of Marketing Analytics, Global CPG Brand


Manually cutting and pasting data from your channels, agencies and execution tools to create an aggregate picture of marketing performance takes far too long, and leads to mistakes and inconsistencies.

Beckon automatically connects to every marketing data source and ingests all your spend and performance data. We connect to standard online systems via API. We connect to homegrown, proprietary systems via our Universal Connector. We even pull data from agency reports, PDFs, PowerPoints and other files via our smart data-extraction engine. Beckon then keeps the data flowing continuously, so your reporting is timely, accurate and comprehensive.


Agile marketing depends on quickly seeing what’s working (and what’s not) across it all. Getting all your data in a single dashboard is a great start, but integrating and normalizing the data intelligently to enable apples-to-apples comparisons is trickier.

Beckon’s data model is purpose-built for marketing. Anchored by a universal marketing taxonomy and uncompromising data governance, Beckon expertly blends your disparate datasets—including online and offline spend and performance, brand tracking and research, competitive data, and business and sales outcomes—to deliver the trusted omnichannel visibility and insights you need to make good, fast decisions.


Reports are only as complete and accurate as the underlying data. Whether you’re sharing marketing performance reporting across the organization, or just making decisions within the marketing team, the data had better be good.

Beckon’s built-in Data Recency and Completeness reports show you exactly which data is in and what holes remain. An automated hounding system prompts lagging data providers and partners to deliver their outstanding data.


The last thing you need is another data island, where important data is isolated from other datasets and inaccessible to the rest of the business.

As The Source of Truth for Marketing™, you’ll want to use your Beckon dataset across the organization. So, we made getting data out of Beckon as easy as getting it in. Export all or part of your data as-needed, or hook in to Beckon’s full-featured API to feed structured data to a data warehouse, analytics teams or an econometric modeling partner.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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