Own and validate your media data.

Most marketers outsource at least some media buying to specialist media agencies, our critical partners in reaching consumers. But media buying, especially at a global scale, is complex, with many disparate formats and methodologies for planning, buying and tagging.

Getting timely, consistent spend and performance metrics (by brand, by sub-brand, by region, by target customer segment, by message, etc.) is exceedingly difficult. But it’s essential if we’re going to understand the sales impacts of that spend. And while we trust our media partners, as brands we must own our media data, and be able to audit and validate it.

Beckon solves these problems once and for all. Along with agency transparency and accountability, you get better insight into campaign performance, smarter utilization of ad dollars, and stronger agency partnerships.

“Bringing our data in house and having it available in real time allows us to be action-based rather than just to seeing history lesson several weeks down the road.”

Jeff Rasp
Director, US Consumer Health Digital Strategy, Bayer


Many brands are uncomfortable with media partners reporting the performance of their own media buys. But there’s a second issue as well: Media agencies only hold the media data, not the sales or loyalty data needed to run a richer set of analytics.

Beckon automatically pulls all your media spend and performance data into a single hub that you own in house. There, it can be combined with other channels, sales, brand equity, competitive data and more. Because only when all that data comes together can you get trusted answers to important questions about how marketing is driving outcomes.


Because each agency buys media through a unique system, tagging and labeling data in a different way, apples-to-apples benchmarking and integrated analytics are nearly impossible. What’s more, media reporting is often done by hand, with people around the globe entering a few numbers into a template—very prone to error.

Beckon works directly with your agency partners to understand how your data is tagged, and if any modifications are required to close the loop on performance. We can pull data directly from your media partners’ trading desks and data cubes to ensure that you’re getting the right and true metrics. And Beckon makes your data apples-to-apples consistent for maximum insight and seamless benchmarking.


Which agencies deliver the most per dollar you pay them in fees? It’s an essential analysis, but few marketing teams have the visibility into agency performance to run it.

Beckon gives you all the data and insight you need to determine which agencies deliver the most value. Simply pull up an agency performance report and look. Are their targeting efforts resulting in higher effectiveness rates over time? Are efficiency metrics getting better as they use data to do more with less? Or, you can just compare agencies in your portfolio side by side.


Media reporting is slow. You’re waiting on your paid social data and that one file from finance—and once that data is in, manual transformation begins. You need to remember to dedupe this and subtract that… convert to common currency and remove Australia because they measure differently… tag these 30 markets as “emerging” and those others as “growth”… flag these sub-brands as “snacks” and those as “beverage”… mustn’t forget any steps…

Beckon automates such rote, time-consuming tasks, pulling directly from source systems and transforming the data exactly per your business rules to give you trusted insights in real-time. You can also set up Beckon to remind data owners when files are due—and automatically hound them when they’re overdue.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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