Good data governance comes to marketing.

Your IT team knows the meaning, importance and challenge of master data management (MDM) all too well. MDM is a comprehensive method for enterprises to link critical data to one master file or system that provides a common point of reference. The goal is to provide the business with a trusted, single version of the truth upon which users can base decisions.

Beckon is a turnkey MDM solution for marketing performance data across the enterprise. Beckon automatically enforces corporate taxonomies, eliminates redundant data, and applies consistent business rules and definitions. Then, Beckon makes that good, clean data available for reporting and analysis via dashboards and scorecards. Further, we make this single source of truth dataset available to the rest of the organization and specialized analytics tools, via easy export functionality and our own Beckon API.

“Success in marketing analytics is about building organizational adoption. Adoption is largely a function of credibility of the underlying data and the methods applied. If your very first investment is in building a credible single-source-of-truth with data, you can significantly reduce the costs and time it takes to achieve world-class analytics.”

Pat LaPointe
Managing Partner, Growth Calculus


All marketing execution tools and systems shoot out their own data exhaust. The result is a fog of different naming conventions, scopes and definitions. Solid insight and decision-making cannot flow from the chaotic, disconnected data marketing is saddled with by default.

In Beckon, all metrics have a name, definition and set of properties that the platform enforces. If a metric doesn’t conform, it either doesn’t come in to Beckon, or it comes in as a separate metric with a separate definition—no more apples-to-oranges data. What’s more, all definitions are visible in the user interface. Never again will a business user wonder, “What’s CPM again, and how is it calculated?”


Every file that comes in includes high-value data we want to store in our master system, and data we don’t trust and don’t want to store. And for the high-value data, there’s likely a bunch of missing metadata that has to be inferred and appended in order to make that high-value data usable. For instance, a file that comes via email from your PR agency in the UK may not include the metadata Country = UK, Agency = CoolAgency and Channel = PR. But all that needs to be in your master data file for that data to be useful in marketing performance analytics.

Beckon documents your business logic and taxonomies, then automates data transformation and enrichment. In our example, when that PR file comes in, Beckon would apply the logic: IF the email =, THEN Country = UK and Agency = Cool Agency and Channel = PR. That way, you can be sure all your data is automatically ingested and transformed in exactly the same way, according to enterprise-wide naming and taxonomy conventions and approved business logic.


Auditing a dataset is exceedingly difficult. What’s in? What’s missing? What was the last import? The data is complete through what date?

Beckon gives data operations teams many tools to monitor, QA, validate and understand the quality and completeness of the dataset. Data Recency Reports show how fresh the data is. Data Completeness Reports reveal any gaps in a dataset. Hidden QA dashboards let you validate datasets before you push charts live to business users.


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