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Figuring out who should see what marketing metrics, and how and when to share them, is far from simple. The CEO wants one topline view, the CMO another. Brand managers and campaign managers need actionable views. Single-channel managers need reports that are even more focused and granular. And no matter what view you give somebody, they’ll immediately ask if you can just slice it in a slightly different way.

With Beckon, it’s easy to create, publish and manage real-time dashboards and scorecards at various levels of granularity for different audiences. But the reports are all based on the same source of truth, and each tells its own powerful story of marketing performance.

“Our challenge was always management-level performance reporting and bringing together the big picture in a timely way. By cleaning up the data and enforcing a taxonomy, Beckon makes reporting and visualization suddenly very accessible and powerful.”

Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics, International Hotel Company


Marketing performance reporting is more than just data. The best reports combine hard data with the voice of the customer to tell the story, while also drawing explicit connections and offering clear takeaways.

Your Beckon dashboard is a true storytelling canvas. Choose from an array of data visualizations. Add images (samples of creative), rich media (the top-performing trailer), the voice of the customer (critiques via Twitter), competitive intelligence, news alerts, embedded briefs, text-box takeaways, section breaks, and so much more. We also have training modules available for clients who want to learn the art of storytelling with data.


Need a head start designing compelling marketing dashboards and scorecards?

Beckon includes preconfigured dashboards and scorecards based on marketing best practices. Use them right out of the box, or as a starting point for your own creations. Beckon dashboards include data, images and video, rich media, marketing calendar views, the voice of the customer and more. Beckon scorecards map KPIs directly to your strategic objectives, showcasing marketing performance with unprecedented clarity.


To be more agile, the extended marketing team needs data and insights fast, so they can act on them. Democratizing the data can be great, but centralized controls, administration and group alignment are essential.

Beckon’s centralized KPI library clearly defines each metric and enforces consistent use across the extended team. Validation and QA features ensure that the data in Beckon is right and true. Report creators can share dashboards and scorecards freely while fully controlling what individual recipients are allowed to see and edit, down to the level of individual metrics. Share and collaborate online within dashboards, by pushing reports via email, or by exporting the data to PowerPoint.


Marketing performance reporting sometimes feels like déjà vu. Didn’t I define “engagements” previously? Didn’t I create a campaign dashboard before? Didn’t I do a “new store opening” report before? Why am I rethinking this?!

With Beckon, you don’t have to rethink marketing reporting every time you begin a new report. Beckon lets you pick a favorite report, do a “Save As,” and get the perfect head start. You can also create master reporting templates with filters at the top that apply scope to the whole dashboard and all charts and graphs in it, on the fly. For example, instead of building a “Back to School Campaign Report,” you can set up a “Campaign Analysis Report” and add a filter to the top to let users toggle through all the campaigns in Beckon. Choose ‘Back to School’ – the whole dashboard updates. Choose ‘Halloween’ – all the data in the dashboard refreshes again. Again, no need to reinvent the wheel.


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