Beckon for Marketing Leaders

Become the master integrator of the marketing function in all its modern complexity.

You take ownership of the entire customer experience. You push your teams to innovate and experiment constantly. You deliver growth even when budgets are flat, finding ways to get more impact out of every marketing dollar.

You’re a CEO in the making.

You deserve marketing data that works for you, not against you. Integrated, aligned data that puts your teams and agencies/everyone on the same page. Fast data that lets you keep pace with today’s consumers. Consistent, reliable data that gives you the trusted insights you need to drive growth. A source of truth for marketing.

"Sales leaders have a system of record in Salesforce. HR and finance leaders have their systems of record. Finally, as a marketing leader, I have Beckon. Beckon is both the starting point for all that marketing does and the home for everything that marketing achieves."

  • Jascha Kaykas-Wolff
  • CMO, Mozilla
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Turn your data into a strategic asset

Beckon automatically pulls ALL of your spend and performance data into a single hub—no matter the tool, channel or agency it comes from or what format it’s in. Then it’s cleaned, integrated and aligned to power omnichannel insight and business-building decisions.

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Align and equip your team for success

Set clear goals in Beckon, and watch your team race toward them with confidence, creativity and the clean, trusted data they need to make smart decisions. Beckon’s shared KPI library and consistent report templates keep everyone focused on the critical metrics.

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See what’s working across it all with real-time KPI trackers

Beckon’s marketing scorecards map KPIs directly to strategic frameworks, so you can see—at a glance and in real time—performance against goals, similar campaigns, business objectives and more. Scorecards double as an early warning system—you’ll see breakdowns in the buyer’s journey instantly, and can fix them long before they cause problems downstream.

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Clear lines of sight into agency performance

With all your agency spend and performance data integrated in Beckon, your agencies are held to the same standard of transparent, consistent reporting as your internal teams. You’ll see agency performance in real-time, and can optimize spend accordingly. And—bonus!—you finally get to own this strategic data in house.

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Own marketing’s success story

You know what you want to bring to the leadership team meeting—tight metrics around marketing’s contribution to the business. Beckon gives you exactly that. Our marketing scorecards and dashboards tie spend and performance to business outcomes so you can beautifully communicate marketing’s true impact.

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Lead your team’s transformation to agile, data-driven marketing

With a source of truth in place, you can stop relying on others for measurement and insight and start building a data-driven marketing culture in house. Help your team integrate data into their daily workflow and decision-making. Let them explore the data for quick answers they can use to optimize campaigns in flight. Because the data is trusted, your team can focus on driving insights and growth, instead of debating whether the numbers are right—or worse, whose numbers are better.

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