Beckon for Marketing Analysts

Death to cut and paste!

You deliver timely, insightful reporting on marketing performance. But lately it's been more of a challenge—marketing got messy. There have never been so many ways to connect with consumers. The path to purchase has fragmented. Specialized tools and agencies work away in silos, pumping out clouds of inconsistent and conflicting data. It takes so much time and effort to plumb and clean the data, you don't always have time to properly analyze it.

Beckon is designed to handle messy marketing data. We take your data-wrangling chores down to near zero. So you can devote yourself full-time to the smart work of advanced analysis to guide planning and investment decisions across the organization.

"Having a solid source of truth for all marketing reporting has completely changed the game for us. NOW we can be data-driven. NOW we can be agile. NOW we can accelerate business growth."

  • Global Head of Marketing Analytics, Global CPG Brand
Stat - 66.7% of data scientist say cleaning and organizing data is their most time consuming task. CMS Wire 2015

Free to do your best work

You know it's critical to have a trusted dataset to power analysis and decision-making. But manually integrating all that disparate data takes hours of cut-and-paste and QA. Beckon does all the heavy lifting automatically. We aggregate, normalize and enrich your spend and performance data just the way you want, so you have analysis-ready data at your fingertips.

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Self-serve answers for basic questions

You spend way too much time answering basic questions that the team could answer themselves if they had access to the data. With Beckon's self-serve, natural-language interface, they can get quick answers and optimize in flight. And because it's powered by a clean, trusted dataset, you have peace of mind knowing they're making decisions based on solid insights.

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Fast time to insight

Beckon is an omnichannel analytics engine built by marketers, for marketers. We have hundreds of best-practice marketing metrics, ratios, KPIs, reports and formulas already built in and mapped, with clear definitions. Or, build your own formulas, whether simple or complex.

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Better, faster econometric modeling

The clean, structured data you have in Beckon is perfect for feeding into your econometric models. We make it easy with full data portability via multiple formats, including a Beckon API. You can also send the outputs of your advanced models back into Beckon so the data is accessible to the rest of the marketing team.

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