Beckon for Campaign Managers

Good, fast reporting for good, fast decisions.

You work hard to create a consistent experience across all consumer touchpoints. But then the sheer number of touchpoints exploded, and the path to purchase fragmented beyond recognition. With consumers moving faster than ever before, lagging data holds you back. To understand the best actions to take next, you need the full picture of marketing performance in real time. You need trusted data and insights that let you optimize across channels at the same speed you optimize within channels.

Beckon gives it to you. We integrate all your spend and performance data, pulling directly from source systems for ultimate clarity and flexibility. We make it easy to track planned vs. actual. And we give you the real-time, omnichannel insight you need to kill low performers quickly and reallocate that spend to winners. All at the speed and scale of modern marketing.

"The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. We need solutions that make us faster, smarter, more creative. I need to know that we’re spending our dollars in the right way and investing in the programs that drive consumer obsession with our brand. That’s what Beckon gives us."

  • Karen Riley-Grant
  • Senior Director North American Marketing, Converse
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Set campaign targets and manage to them

Beckon makes it easy to set clear objectives and align your team against them. Before you dive into execution, we help you select the primary KPIs by which performance will be measured. Then, starting right out of the gate, a campaign scorecard tracks how the team is performing to goal—watch the scorecard numbers flip from red to green as you blow past your targets.

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Optimize campaigns in flight and across it all

You’re already great at optimizing within each channel. Now you can optimize spend and performance across it all with the same skill and insight. Beckon tags all your campaign data so you can easily stack-rank the cost-effectiveness of your various channels, messages, creative and agencies. Overlay your integrated campaign calendar atop your performance dashboard to compare spikes and drops in performance with the timing of your campaigns. See how different channels amplify or counteract each other so you can spend wisely.

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A comprehensive view

Fast, trusted data is table stakes for driving campaign performance. But data alone isn’t enough, given how quickly consumer preferences and market trends are changing. Beckon campaign dashboards go deeper than the data, weaving in the live voice of the customer, your campaign creative, and even competitive data so you have full context for what’s driving performance. Zero blind spots lets you understand and connect with consumers no matter where they are.

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Clear lines of sight into agency performance

Agencies play a vital role in your campaigns. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them set their own goals and report their own performance in a black box. Beckon automatically pulls in your media spend and performance data, aligning it to mutually determined goals and reporting frameworks from the word go. Not only are you and your agencies in alignment with transparent, consistent reporting, but everyone sees performance in real time and can optimize spend while media is still in flight. Plus, bringing this strategic data in house allows you to see performance alongside business outcome data and for deeper insight into how marketing is impacting downstream results.

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An organizational memory of what works

Too many marketing orgs suffer from “marketing amnesia,” where teams have to reinvent the wheel every time they launch a new campaign. Beckon is the cure—the home for all marketing has achieved, and the starting point for everything marketing does next. Which campaign creative last year resonated most with consumers? Which channel had the highest engagement rates last quarter? What’s the lowest CPA we’ve ever achieved? It’s all in Beckon for you to pull from as you plan your next campaign.

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