Do. Measure. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.

Optimizing your campaigns on the fly—constantly shifting dollars from lower performing to higher performing tactics—is how you get the highest ROI from your investment. But without a real-time, fully integrated feedback loop, you can’t tell which channels, messages and creative are performing well and which are lagging. Your team needs visibility into what’s working across it all, right out of the gate.

Beckon gives you that comprehensive visibility. See instantly how campaigns are performing across channels and what’s working best. Optimize based on trusted data, as often as you wish. Run automated analyses that continually monitor for new opportunities. Beckon provides all the information and insight you need to make the most of your marketing dollars.

“Spending a million dollars on a high-level mix model that just sits on the shelf doesn’t make sense these days. We need performance insight that is more real-time, granular and actionable. That’s why we use Beckon.”

CMO, Consumer Technology Company


Even a flawlessly orchestrated omnichannel campaign is executed in dozens of tools that all tag, traffic and name data differently. By the time you’re able to cut and paste together a performance report, the campaign is usually over.

With Beckon, all campaign data flows into a single hub, where campaign names and attributes are automatically normalized and made consistent. It’s good, fast data for good, fast decisions.


A marketing dashboard that just lists a bunch of standalone metrics offers no perspective. Is that engagement level good or bad? Are we happy about the CPA of that programmatic buy? Are the channels impacting each other?

Beckon’s campaign performance dashboards give you rich perspective. View campaign performance against a plan or target. Toggle a drop-down to see trends year-over-year or versus prior period. Benchmark how a movie that opens in a week is trending versus similar films in the past at the same juncture. It’s all at your fingertips.


Campaigns always have a big awareness component, and we need to report on it. But we can’t stop there. Are people engaging with the content? Are we driving downstream impacts? Are customers telling others?

Beckon has customer journey scorecard tracking built right in to show campaign performance through all stages of the buyer’s journey, tailored to your business. No more waiting until after the campaign is over to find out certain areas didn’t work very well—now you can track performance across the entire campaign in Beckon from day one.


When the question is, “How’s the campaign going?” the answer is rarely “42.” Numbers alone don’t tell the full story of campaign performance or make clear what optimizations would be best.

But Beckon dashboards do. We present campaign performance analytics side by side with your creative, images and video, and the voice of the customer piped live from social media. Plus, your team can add executive summaries, key takeaways, lessons learned and action items. You can even incorporate competitive data for powerful framing and context.


When you’re moving fast and optimizing in flight, it’s vital to keep the extended team in sync and up to date on campaign performance and action plans.

Beckon dashboards can be set up before a campaign even goes live, so everyone is ready to measure and optimize from the word go. Share performance reports with the individuals and teams you choose, and invite them to collaborate right in the dashboards. Put agency partners and in-house teams literally on the same page. And when it’s time to plan the next campaign, get a head start by looking at your prior campaign dashboards in Beckon to see which publishers worked best, which messages drove the most coupon redemptions, which creative had the highest view-through percentage, and so on.