Lead clients with speed and confidence.

You’re the wizards behind the curtain. Orchestrating every detail of complex media campaigns across countless accounts, closely monitoring performance, and wrangling unruly volumes of data, in search of insights to propel clients towards their goals. But even with tireless teams pulling, integrating and cleansing data across all channels, tools, and systems, and then artfully compiling reports, the feedback loop is too slow. When ad-hoc questions from clients inevitably come in, it seems like you’re consistently one step behind.

It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat. Beckon’s automated marketing-specific data model fast tracks you through the most critical (but time consuming!) steps standing in the way of actionable insights. Data aggregation, ETL, storage and governance, taxonomy and normalization, cleansing, and validation—it’s all automated—so you can double down on analysis, insights, and advising clients on how to make the most of their investments.

Better, faster optimizations. Aligned, collaborative teams. Happier clients.


We all know marketing data is the messiest of “big data,” and with data spread out across each client, agencies feel that pain more than anyone. Beckon’s powerful, flexible data model automates the critical steps to making good, clean data flow across the organization, and alleviates an estimated 80% of manual hours spent data wrangling. Import data from any source (API or not), Beckon automatically structures data on the way in, enforcing a consistent taxonomy, eliminating redundant data, and applying consistent business rules and definitions. Hundreds of best-practice marketing metrics, ratios, KPIs, reports, and formulas are available out-of-the-box. Can’t find what you need? Build your own, whether simple or complex, with easy-to-use self serve tools.


With data piped and continuously flowing, you get performance insights in real time—no more frantically chasing down answers to client questions or waiting until for post-campaign hind-sighting reports. See what’s working (and what’s not!), and react while campaigns are still in flight. Deliver client reports sooner—monthly, weekly, or even ad-hoc. Set up reports before media goes live, then watch results roll in. As trends emerge, add executive summaries, key takeaways, rich media, lessons learned, and more for powerful framing and context. Preempt inevitable questions about how to take action by incorporating competitive data, goals, targets, and other benchmarks. With both you and your client viewing the full picture performance, you can focus on what to test, learn, and adjust next, instead of requests for more data.


Keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging when clients, team members, campaigns, and resources are constantly shifting. Beckon’s permissions, collaboration tools, and turnkey visualizations set the stage for rapid adoption and close alignment. Set flexible, customized permissions to allow specialists to handle weighty analytics challenges, while giving the rest of the team self-serve access to data and reports to ask questions, get answers and take action all on their own. For insight-seekers, simply ask Beckon’s natural-language interface a focused question while in-flight, or mid-meeting, and get answers instantly. Take a closer look with our suite of best practice dashboards and scorecards, delivering more comprehensive visibility across any campaign, program, etc. you choose. Then, duplicate, customize, and share reports with just a few clicks.