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We love helping marketers solve the hard problem of unlocking their marketing data to reveal omnichannel insights that drive growth. That’s what Beckon software does. But we don’t just drop off software and leave. Beckon Services is there to get you started, guide your journey and ensure your success.

The Beckon Services team has marketing in its DNA—heads of strategic marketing planning, marketing analytics pros, marketing operations gurus, agency analytics leads, marketing data experts, business strategy consultants, change management experts and even former CMOs. We’ve worked with thousands of marketers from leading brands around the world. And it would be our pleasure to work with you, too.

"With Beckon, we get cutting edge technology, but so much more. The Beckon team is a true partner to us, ensuring success every step of the way."

  • VP of Digital, Financial Services Company
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Data management review and recommendations

I know we need to clean up our data mess, but how bad is it? Where are our gaps? Where is our taxonomy breaking down? Where is our tracking inconsistent? How do we improve the process with our agencies and data partners to ensure smoother handoffs?

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CMO and executive marketing team workshops to select KPIs

The hardest part about performance reporting is deciding what’s most important to measure. What are the best metrics and KPIs? What are the best diagnostics? What are the best predictors of business outcomes? What do other companies in our industry use?

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Scorecards: best practices and hands-on working sessions

We’re trying to elevate our marketing performance reporting to a whole new level. Some kind of clear, comprehensive measurement across the entire customer experience. What are the proven frameworks, and how do we choose one and tailor it for our business?

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Change management consulting

These fast feedback cycles are prompting us to change our processes and ways of working, so that we can think and react faster. How do we best accomplish that? How do we drive the right behaviors? Should we be working differently with our agency partners?

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Project phasing strategy

How do we avoid trying to boil the ocean? How do we come up with a phased approach? A roll-out plan that shows quick wins to internal champions and helps us build demand and momentum internally?

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Project management and Beckon deployment

We’ve tried implementing marketing analytics solutions in the past. But the process was so complex, it was impossible to integrate into our organization. We need help wrangling and configuring our scattered data sources, and setting up a tool to work the way we think it should.

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Training and workshops on marketing performance storytelling

Giving my team the keys to a fancy new analytics sports car might result in some head-on collisions. How do I make sure everyone knows how to look at data, use that data and draw smart conclusions based on that data? How do we become great at leveraging data to tell the story of how marketing is making a difference?

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