Marketers everywhere are under pressure to do more with less and show business impact. But that’s pretty hard to do when someone else controls your data, and you’re trying to piece together actionable insights from a bunch of single-channel reports that come out long after the campaign is over.

Bayer was no exception. They wanted to be a data-driven organization, but it was a real challenge to pull together the cross-channel insights they needed to make faster, better decisions.

With a clear vision of what they hoped to accomplish, Bayer tapped Beckon to build a scalable solution for marketing reporting across the enterprise. The journey from single-channel visibility to omnichannel insight on demand was a complex one, but well worth it.

We sat down with Bayer’s Jeff Rasp, ‎Director, US Consumer Health Digital Strategy, to get their story. Watch the full Q&A to hear how they did it, lessons learned along the way, and their vision for the future of marketing measurement at Bayer.

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