How to quantify (and proclaim!) omnichannel marketing performance.

We all know great marketing matters. But because our marketing data is such a chaotic mess, we struggle to show it. Meanwhile, the pressure to demonstrate real business success keeps mounting—83% of marketers now say they’re increasingly accountable for revenue contribution.

Learn how to show marketing’s contribution to the business with marketing scorecards—visibility into overall marketing performance with context. Download the marketing scorecard builder kit from Beckon and get:

  • The Art of the Marketing Scorecard White Paper. Types of scorecards, design options and best practices for developing a variety of marketing scorecards to best tell stories of marketing success.
  • Marketing KPI Framework. All the major components of a marketing performance measurement program—data sources, reporting categories, metrics, objectives, types of analysis and how they all relate to each other.
  • Sample Beckon Marketing Scorecard. An example buyer’s journey scorecard that you can leverage when building a marketing scorecard for your company.
  • Beckon’s Scorecard Builder Template. A template for creating your own marketing scorecard including definitions for all the components you’ll need: objectives, KPIs, top-level metrics, and volume, efficiency and effectiveness metrics.