How to get your marketing data house in order.

Marketers plan and communicate in integrated ways, but still execute in silos. So our marketing data ends up in silos, each of them totally different—the weekly AdWords report silo, the monthly agency report silo, the annual spend data silo (in dollars) and the quarterly sales revenue silo (in dollars, euros and yen).

For large omnichannel enterprises that are marketing multiple brands across multiple regions and channels, marketing big data has simply become marketing big chaos.

It’s time to get your marketing data house in order with the Beckon Data Management Readiness Kit—three great resources to steer you toward marketing data clarity:

  • Sample Marketing Data Framework. All the major components of a marketing performance measurement program—data sources, reporting categories, metrics, objectives, types of analyses and how they all relate to each other.
  • Marketing Data Source Worksheet. A comprehensive list of potential data silos and how to organize them into structured reporting categories: marketing performance, spend, business and brand outcomes.
  • Marketing Data Management in the Age of Integration White Paper. In the age of integration, best-practice data integration matters. Only omnichannel optimization delivers the potential for breakthrough marketing performance. Learn what’s possible when we manage marketing data right.