Beckon’s marketing intelligence software delivers 12.7% boost in return on marketing investment.

For years, customers have been telling us that using Beckon to measure everything, learn fast, spend wisely and optimize in real-time has transformed their business. But, we are a data-driven company and customer anecdotes aren’t enough.

We commissioned Forrester as a neutral third party to talk with our customers and quantify the benefit of using Beckon to make faster, data-informed decisions and optimize campaigns in-flight (before its too late to impact results).

The data is in. And it’s clear that using Beckon has BIG benefits including:

  • 12.7% higher return on marketing investment (12.7% better business outcomes with the same dollar of spend).
  • Investing in Beckon for your marketing team delivers a 513% ROI.
  • Beckon pays for itself in only 7 months.

“We had the challenge of having a substantive amount of data and marketing activity but no correlational relationship between them. We evaluated the competitors, and the general data model behind Beckon is better than any other. Every single part of our marketing spend should be positively impacted by Beckon.”
– CMO of an open source software company