The best way to show marketing’s impact on the business.


Calling all data-driven marketers! Here’s a simple way to massively upgrade the value you provide to the business: Stop reporting, and start answering business questions.

Ditch those repetitive, inflexible marketing reports full of single-channel vanity metrics. We need to understand marketing’s integrated impact on the business, so we can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

What tactics are delivering the best ROI? Are we allocating enough spend to our highest performers? How effective are we at moving people from awareness to purchase? With the right technology and a clear focus on the goals of the business, you can have answers to questions like these at your fingertips.

Join us for Don’t Report, Answer Business Questions webcast and learn:

  • How to shift from traditional reporting to asking questions of your data and getting actionable answers.
  • The top business questions you should be asking.
  • Best practices for integrating business questions into your daily workflow.
  • How Beckon’s natural-language UI makes it easy to ask business questions, and create dashboards and reports that answer them.



Jennifer Zeszut
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Jennifer Zeszut is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Beckon. Jennifer has been a marketing leader for most of her career, working for top brands like eBay, Procter & Gamble and Cost Plus World Market. She spent several years as head of Strategy and Analytics at Razorfish, where she was the trusted advisor to many leading brands. Prior to Beckon, Jennifer founded Scout Labs, a leading social media monitoring, analytics and engagement platform, which was acquired by Lithium Technologies in 2010. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and TechCrunch, and was invited to the White House in 2011 to speak about entrepreneurship as part of President Barack Obama’s Startup America Initiative.


Shawn Smith
VP Product

Shawn is the VP of Product at Beckon, responsible for the product roadmap and all product development efforts. Shawn has worked on digital products since the earliest days of the consumer internet, holding leadership roles at Organic (part of Omnicom Group), Razorfish (now part of Publicis Groupe) and Vodafone. Prior to joining Beckon, Shawn helped oversee enterprise product development and user experience at pioneering startups Kyte and Scout Labs.