DURATION: 45 minutes

We know that clean, consistent, democratized marketing data is the only way to unlock the business-building insights needed to grow our brands. But uniting and integrating all performance and spend data, establishing reporting and analytics standards, and scaling it across an entire organization can be as daunting as climbing a mountain. The good news? The perspective and insight from the top is well worth it, and with a well-marked map and a little planning upfront, you’ll save hours of pain and wasted resources down the road.

Marketing pioneers Christof Wedemeyer and Menasheh Fogel deployed a global measurement framework at Bayer, and will join us to share their learnings and tips for following in their footsteps. Watch on demand now to hear:

  • Why Bayer Consumer Health made standardized analytics a cornerstone of their digital marketing program.
  • Their journey to developing a global framework: consistent data architecture, reporting templates and measurement best practices.
  • How they navigated common challenges with partners and within uniquely complex channels.
  • How their standardized approach has benefited stakeholders across various brands, countries and roles within the organization.



Emilio Pineda
Senior Director, Customer Success

Emilio is a Senior Director of Customer Success at Beckon, and has guided dozens of brands in developing and deploying a global measurement framework. He’s been working directly with data driven marketers for over 7 years, working on brands like Ford Motor Company, MINI Cooper, Burger King, Big Heart Pet Brands, Columbia Sportswear, and IBM. Prior to Beckon he developed expertise in digital advertising and marketing technology working at highly awarded advertising agencies.


Menasheh Fogel
Global Head of Digital Analytics

Menasheh is the Global Head of Digital Analytics at Bayer Business Services, accountable for providing end to end digital analytics services for Bayer worldwide. He is an innovative leader of business intelligence and analytics with an extensive track record in advanced analytics, digital analytics, data integration, strategy and architecture. Menasheh has a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.


Christof Wedemeyer
Manager, Commercial Analytics

As Manager Commercial Analytics, Christof acts as the Global IT Business Partner for commercial functions within Bayer’s Consumer Health division. He is co-leading the technology enablement stream for the division’s digital marketing program focusing on developing analytics capabilities and providing a solution portfolio serving digital marketing building blocks across markets and brands. Christof has more than five years of experience in analytics and digital marketing and is an enthusiast of design thinking and user experience. He holds a Master of Science in International Management from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.