Content creation is becoming more agile. Customer communications are becoming more agile. Marketing execution is becoming more agile. It’s time for marketing measurement to become more agile, too. Manually assembled year-end review decks and annual mix models don’t cut it any more. We need measurement methodologies that keep pace with the modern marketing organization—and once we have them, (spoiler alert!) a big boost in marketing ROI awaits.

Join Beckon CEO Jennifer Zeszut for an in-depth look at agile marketing measurement and how it fuels the agile marketing engine. Get case studies, best practices, pitfalls, and what to watch for as measurement speeds up. Plus, we’ll share hot-off-the-presses Forrester research that finally quantifies the incremental return on marketing investment teams can expect when they commit to agile marketing measurement and rapid optimization.

Join us for Agile Marketing Measurement and learn:

  • How to model out the ROI of agility at your organization.
  • The real-world limitations that marketing teams face as they start to speed up.
  • How data access and analysis methodologies need to change in a world of faster decision-making.
  • How the role of the centralized marketing analytics function needs to change to support decision-making in a more distributed way.



Jennifer Zeszut

Jennifer Zeszut is CEO of Beckon—a SaaS omnichannel marketing analytics software company. Jennifer has been a marketing leader for most of her career working for top brands we all know like eBay, Proctor & Gamble and Cost Plus World Market. She was the trusted advisor to many more brands as head of Strategy and Analytics for digital agency Razorfish for many years. Prior to Beckon, she founded Scout Labs, a leading social media monitoring, analytics and engagement platform which was sold to Lithium Technologies in 2010. She’s been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany and TechCrunch and was invited to speak about entrepreneurship at the White House as part of President Barak Obama’s Startup America Initiative.