Marketers are spending more on media than ever before. Yet, measuring the effectiveness of those investments and knowing how to optimize across it all (by channel, partner, creative, tactic, and more) to make the most of every dollar, can be dizzying. To truly maximize the ROI of our advertising efforts, we need to aggregate performance data for a bird’s eye view then slice and dice down to more granular insights (and everything in between).

This Beckon “how-to” covers 6 key questions you can ask to determine whether media dollars are being spent wisely (or not!), what metrics best diagnose performance, the best visualization to answer the business question, and how to act upon the resulting insight. You’ll learn how to get to the bottom of these burning questions and more:

  • How effectively are our media buys driving sales downstream?
  • Are we allocating the most spend to the highest-performing creative?
  • Which partner is most efficient at generating impressions, engagements, conversions, etc?

If you’re responsible for managing media investments, this quick-hitting guide is a must-read.


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