If you’re a brand marketer, you’ve probably heard buzz about ad viewability in industry publications for a few years. What percentage of ads are viewable, what agencies, publishers and media partners are doing to address low viewability, how it’s reported on, and so on. And while most of us agree it’s a problem, there’s been minimal discussion around how brands are addressing viewability, if at all. In fact, a recent Beckon report found that only 8% of brands are currently tracking viewability as a routine part of media reporting.

As is the case with every other KPI, brands must be the ultimate owners of ad viewability. We’re responsible for deciding how important it is to achieving business goals, knowing what benchmarks should be, and how to adjust strategy to address low performance. Through close collaboration with agency partners and a few best practices from brands paving the way, we can measure, understand, and take steps towards improving ad viewability—and ultimately, maximizing ROI.

If you’re responsible for managing media investments at your organization, this guide is a must-read. It’s packed with quotes, stats, and sample visualizations to help ensure that every dollar spent is driving optimal impact.