Leaders from Bayer, Campbell’s and Scotts Miracle-Gro join Beckon onstage at DMA &Then to examine 2017’s hottest marketing trends.

Attend any marketing conference, and you’ll get plenty of advice about all the things you should be doing. Be more targeted! Content creation is the name of the game! Be agile and data-driven! Watch out for fraud with media partners! Speakers offer plenty of anecdotes, but few cite real data. It’s time for answers!

Recently, marketing leaders from Bayer, Campbell Soup Company, Scotts Miracle-Gro and Beckon joined forces onstage at DMA &Then to put real data against buzzy marketing trends and explore smart ways to navigate them. Leveraging insights from the $20B in aggregated spend and performance data flowing through Beckon, the panel revealed what works and what doesn’t, and shared best practices from their experience on the front lines.

Among the highlights:

  • Media planning. Why most strategies fall short, and how to fix it.
  • Content. The secret to boosting engagement is … less content?
  • Viewability. What to do about the viewability gap. And how big is it, really?
  • Agility. Keeping pace in a new world of agile, data-driven marketing.

Watch the full video to see what the data revealed and how leading brands are using the findings to pull ahead of the pack.