The big picture of marketing performance at a glance.

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How’s marketing doing? Sure, we’ve got spreadsheets stuffed with impressions, clicks, likes, TRPs and every other metric, but what we need is true omnichannel insight. How well is marketing driving the customer experience end to end? Where are things working well? Where are we falling down? How efficiently are we driving business outcomes?

Beckon [SCORECARD] gives you that insight. Fully customizable for your business, our marketing scorecards have three different performance comparisons built right in. Get the context and perspective you’ve been missing in a concise, automated report. The big picture of marketing performance, at a glance, in real time.

Beckon data flow illustration

See marketing performance in a whole new light

Reporting by channel—the email numbers, followed by web, then in-store and so on—tells you nothing about how marketing is actually driving the business. That’s why Beckon [SCORECARD] nests your KPIs directly beneath your strategic objectives instead. You get clear visibility into the business impact of your marketing efforts. And Beckon [SCORECARD] is fully automated and continuously refreshed—as data updates in source systems, so do your marketing scorecards.

Beckon Scorecard graphics

An early warning system for slowdowns in growth

Tired of discovering that a campaign underperformed long after you can do anything about it? Beckon [SCORECARD] shows you in real time exactly how your marketing initiatives are working together to drive growth. When your marketing is firing on all cylinders, you see it in bright, wonderful green. If something bogs down, you see that, too, in standout red—and you can fix the problem on the fly, long before it impacts downstream revenue.

Beckon scorecard setup

Context and comparisons made easy

Insight is born of perspective, so Beckon [SCORECARD] has three perspectives built right in. Scorecard tiles can calculate performance based on the value of a metric compared to a previous period (e.g., today vs. yesterday), the previous year, or a target you set. Don’t worry about running three separate analyses, just toggle a drop-down and get the insight you need.

scorecard drag and drop functionality

Configure scorecards to capture your marketing achievements

Use Beckon [SCORECARD]’s default templates, tweak them or create your own. Play with the beautiful, intuitive interface. Drag and drop columns, rows and tiles, adding more with a click. Select from a variety of tile formats and styles. Choose the exact timeframes you want to explore and report on.

sharing a Beckon scorecard

Share freely, but only when you’re ready

Prefer to keep things close to the vest while you work on your marketing scorecards? No problem, you can create unlimited drafts and layouts, and share them with others only when you choose. And you can export the scorecard’s underlying data with ease.

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