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The world’s biggest brands rely on Beckon as The Source of Truth for Marketing™ because 1) we speak marketing, and 2) we do data right. Beckon [ENTERPRISE] is our enterprise-grade, SOC 2 certified data integrity and governance protocol. Secure. Scalable. Flexible permissions. Your data safe and sound, with analytics and reporting you can trust. Beckon is enterprise software beloved by marketing and IT both.

user permissions settings in Beckon

Tailor permissions and controls with ease

Beckon [ENTERPRISE] lets you build custom, flexible permission schemes. Grant access to data by role, country, region, market, anything you can think of. Restrict access to sensitive data right down to the level of individual metrics (for example, ensure that unaudited financials are only visible to key people). Make reports private until you’re ready to share, then grant view-only or edit-access rights.

user account management in Beckon

Manage your teams at enterprise scale

Beckon [ENTERPRISE] has all the user-management tools you’d expect from enterprise software. Groups functionality makes it easy to manage global teams of hundreds or even thousands of users across countries, brands, business units and more. SAML integration and single sign-on (SSO) give those users a seamless experience, while administrators have an efficient way to provision access. A smart mix of prebuilt roles and permissions gives different users access to the right features. And a uniquely powerful Data Permissions designer enables fine-grained control over what data any user or group is allowed to see.

data organization illustration

Data best practices from the ground up

Trusted analytics and reporting at scale requires enterprise software with good data hygiene. Beckon [ENTERPRISE] supports foundational data-governance best practices by ensuring every metric and formula is precisely defined, with all its properties clearly articulated. Together, you and the Beckon team set up your proprietary global taxonomy, your hierarchies, and the dimensions you want to slice and dice your data by. Beckon [ENTERPRISE] then enforces those selections, applying the correct metadata to your data as it flows into Beckon.

AICPA certification badge

SOC 2 Type II certified technology and processes

The Beckon platform is SOC 2 Type II certified, which is the highest level of security certification enterprise software can earn. An independent third party audits Beckon at least annually to verify adherence to stringent data security standards. These include regular testing for network and application vulnerabilities, daily backups of all data in at least two physical locations, audit trails, incident management and disaster recovery procedures, and even background checks for employees.

Beckon account customizations

Enterprise-class customizations

A trusted reporting platform for a global brand needs to speak the brand’s language. So naturally, Beckon [ENTERPRISE] offers account-level customizations. For example, Beckon [ENTERPRISE] supports your fiscal calendar (so that when you say Week 6 and Beckon says Week 6, both mean the same thing). It supports custom calendar configurations, such as 4-4-5 calendars. You can even select your preferred currency.

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