Marketing data done right.

Marketing data is messy data. Every specialized tool and agency shoots out its own data exhaust. In its native state, marketing data is incomplete, inconsistent, contradictory and siloed—and sometimes flat-out wrong. When the data can’t be trusted, all the resulting analysis, visualization, reporting and decision-making can’t be trusted, either.

Beckon [DATA] is rock-solid data management purpose-built for marketing. Beckon [DATA] pulls in all your spend and performance data, then cleanses, blends, normalizes and enhances it, setting the stage for business-building insight. See your marketing data like you’ve never seen it before. United. Normalized. Integrated. Aligned. Accurate. Continuously updated in real time.


Beckon [DATA] comes preloaded with the metrics and KPIs universal to marketing. Whether it’s TV, email, OOH, paid search, display, social, CRM or any other channel, Beckon [DATA] pulls in the right data automatically, then structures it per marketing best practices so you get the insights you need, fast. All told, Beckon [DATA] has more than 1,000 marketing performance metrics and analytics formulas pre-defined and built in, including B2B metrics and those unique to certain industries. Got new metrics you want to add? No problem, you can do so instantly.


Marketing data sources define metrics differently. There are conflicting values, different names for the same campaign, “weeks” starting on different days, and so on. As is, your data is disparate, disconnected and inconsistent. Beckon [DATA] solves the problem with a proprietary extract, transform and load (ETL) platform with marketing-specific logic. As data comes in, Beckon [DATA] cleans, normalizes and enriches it exactly how you want, with your business rules and logic applied just right.


Holes in your marketing data mean blind spots in your analysis and decision-making. So Beckon [DATA] makes sure there are none. Our Data Completeness Report instantly pinpoints any gaps in your data. Our data management workflows help you get the data that’s due from the humans you rely on. And you can set up automatic alerts for when data is due (or overdue), plus ping data owners at any time from within the Beckon platform.


Modern marketing data encompasses millions of data values across dozens of channels and sometimes hundreds of countries—all broken out by a huge number of brands, demographics, time periods and other dimensions. To be agile, your team needs all that data and insight at its fingertips. Beckon delivers in real time, with cutting-edge data storage and retrieval architecture that’s built for speed and optimized for marketing data.


As The Source of Truth for Marketing™, your clean, aligned Beckon dataset will be useful across the organization. Beckon [DATA] easily integrates with other visualization tools, analytics packages and data stores, and includes its own API for getting data in and out. You can also export to PowerPoint, .png, .csv or .xls with just a click. Plus, Beckon [DATA] keeps copies of your original files as they were received, to allow for data auditing or re-ingestion.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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