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Those who tell the stories rule the world, and marketers are natural-born storytellers. We’ve just been missing analytics and reporting tools that speak our language. Combining real-time marketing analytics with rich media and the voice of the customer, Beckon [DASHBOARD] is a flexible canvas for unlocking and sharing business-building insights. But don’t let the pretty pictures fool you—our marketing dashboard is an enterprise-grade report publishing platform, with permissions, access controls, filters and collaboration all built right in.

multiple data types in Beckon

See the forest. See the trees. See everything.

Sitting atop Beckon’s rock-solid data management platform, Beckon [DASHBOARD] delivers far more than channel metrics side-by-side on a single screen. It gives you omnichannel marketing funnels, aggregate engagement metrics, ratios between owned and earned impressions, and much more, bringing the interactions between channels to life.

awareness data organized by channel

Take control of marketing’s success story

Beckon [DASHBOARD] gives you standard reports based on marketing best practices right out of the box. Plus, it’s completely customizable—you can tweak the dashboard templates we provide, or start from scratch. Drag and drop elements, resize them, insert commentary and key takeaways to drive home conclusions, and use section breaks and headers to arrange your story according to logical themes. Powerful custom filters let you quickly toggle to any scope or timeframe, making it easy to view a set of campaigns, products, markets, agencies and more through a consistent lens.

multiple data types organized in Beckon

Marketers cannot live by data alone

The answer to, “Is the campaign working?” is a story waiting to be told. Beckon [DASHBOARD] gives you everything you need to tell it your way. Embed images and video in your marketing dashboard. Capture the voice of the customer by integrating Twitter posts, hashtag searches, Google Trend widgets or Pinterest feeds. Use rich-text blocks to add commentary and highlight key points. Insert Prezi or SlideShare presentations so your viewers can click through the creative brief. The only limit is your imagination.

user access control settings in Beckon

Yes, you did bring enough to share

Tap into your team’s collective smarts by inviting them to collaborate on your marketing dashboard. They can add comments and annotations, and you can even extend full editing permissions to trusted colleagues. Then, when you’re ready, share your dashboard far and wide or with a favored few.

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