Unite your data once and for all.

Beckon [CONNECT] automatically pulls in data from all the tools, technologies and agencies marketers rely on. Beckon’s powerful, marketing-specific data ingestion and ETL engine makes it simple—just connect your data sources and watch the good data flow. And getting your clean, structured data out of Beckon is as easy as getting it in.


Beckon features pre-built connectors to virtually all marketing applications for plug-and-play data integration via available APIs. As new marketing channels emerge, the list grows.


Beckon [CONNECT] doesn’t stop with the data that’s easy to get—it pulls in ALL your marketing spend and performance data sources, API or no. Universal Connector—our flexible data integration engine—ingests reports delivered via email or SFTP no matter what format those reports are in. Once the connections are established, Beckon [CONNECT] extracts the data automatically and makes it available for reporting, dashboards, scorecards and ad hoc analysis.


Getting data out of Beckon is as easy as getting it in. Whether you want to feed other visualization/analysis tools, power econometric models, do cross-functional reporting or populate an enterprise data warehouse, you can call up any slice of data you like (or all of it) and export it as an .xls or .csv file, or send it out through the Beckon API. Plus, Beckon stores copies of your original files as they were received from the data source, to allow for auditing or re-ingestion.


Want to unlock your marketing data, to unlock insight, to unlock growth? Get in touch—we’d love to connect.

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