The master campaign calendar.

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To successfully orchestrate omnichannel marketing, we need our data and performance reports to be integrated, right and true. But we also need an integrated, right and true marketing calendar of all the campaigns we’re running. That’s Beckon [CALENDAR], a marketing calendar that not only shows what’s running when, but lets you drill down into the performance of any of it.

timeline view in Beckon

A clear timeline across it all

Your media plans are in a set of agency docs. Your communications calendar is in your marketing automation tool. Your display and paid search campaigns are in yet other systems. That’s why we created the integrated calendar view. It plots everything that matters against a clear timeline you can toggle through. (No more cobbling it together yourself in Excel with horrible color-coding!) Simply click any campaign event to dig deeper and see how it’s performing.

performance graph in Beckon

See how campaigns impact performance

Marketers don’t run integrated campaigns for fun. We do it to impact business outcomes. Beckon [CALENDAR] shows you the connections between marketing activities and business outcomes with a unique split-screen view that puts any business performance metric on the same screen as the marketing calendar of activities. Why the jump in sales meetings in Texas? Ah, the oil and gas industry mailers went out that week! All on one screen.

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