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Beckon [ANSWERS] lets you ask critical business questions about your marketing performance and get answers right then and there, on your own. You don’t have to beg IT for resources and wait two weeks, and you don’t have to hire a team of data scientists. Beckon [ANSWERS] does the heavy lifting. Ask a question, get the answer. Simple.

data organization in Beckon

Ask and you shall receive

Just ask a business question using Beckon’s natural-language interface. What happened to CPM when we turned on programmatic in those two markets? Which messaging, across all channels, is resonating most with our target audience? Which agency delivers the most net new leads per dollar we pay them in fees? Beckon [ANSWERS] gives you the answer immediately, in the form of beautiful charts, graphs and tables.

in depth access to data in Beckon

Don’t settle for high-level answers

Explore performance by products, brands, properties, regions, campaigns, channels, customer segments, agencies, DMAs or any combination thereof. And, because your data is perfectly aligned, normalized and tagged in Beckon, you can slice and dice all the way to the very detailed answer you need to take action. With the answer in hand, you know exactly what action to take next.

data visualization graph in Beckon

Smart, no-fuss data visualization

Building a performance dashboard? Ask a question, and Beckon [ANSWERS] will show you a number of charts, graphs, visualizations and tables that answer it. Beckon already knows what makes sense for particular questions—it won’t suggest a treemap chart if you’ve selected only one dimension. Pop the charts you like best into your dashboard, and let the storytelling begin!

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