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Beckon [ANALYTICS] is purpose-built to deliver automated, real-time analytics based on marketing best practices. Get omnichannel insights in the language of marketing, and clean, aligned data to power advanced analytics. All right out of the box for fast time to value. Want to build your own marketing analytics formulas? That’s easy, too.

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Performance analytics based on marketing best practices

Beckon [ANALYTICS] comes preloaded with the rates, ratios, diagnostics and KPIs that brands and marketing leaders have long relied on. Hundreds in all. Paid-to-earned media ratios that reveal exactly how much consumers are amplifying your message. Run-rate calculations that project how you’re tracking. Efficiency metrics. Effectiveness ratios. The list goes on. And of course, you can add your own.

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Uncover the hidden connections in your data

The omnichannel engine in Beckon [ANALYTICS] lets you bring to light and quantify the hidden relationships among your marketing activities, and the effect on business outcomes. When you turn on TV in a market, what impact does it have on other channels? When you run OOH ads, does it boost in-store traffic and purchases? Now you know.

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Deep insight reveals the best action

High-level channel ROI models aren’t very actionable. The Beckon platform, on the other hand, brings in your data at a very granular level, which means Beckon [ANALYTICS] can deliver ultra-refined insights into what’s working best. Yes, you can stack-rank channel performance, but why not also stack-rank the performance of publishers, partners, regions, campaigns, messages, content types, ad formats and more, to see what’s working best across it all?

data organization in Beckon

Clean data for advanced analytics

As The Source of Truth for Marketing™, Beckon’s robust, blended and validated dataset should power far more than dashboards, scorecards and ad hoc analyses. Beckon [ANALYTICS] offers full data portability with easy exports and its own Beckon API, which means all that clean, trusted Beckon data can flow seamlessly into SPSS or r and feed econometric modeling teams or mix-modeling partners. To borrow a phrase, we don’t run your advanced statistical models, we just make your advanced statistical models better.

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