The Source of Truth for Marketing™

Make good, data-driven decisions that drive growth. It’s on every marketer’s to-do list, but there’s no one box to check off—it’s a series of critical capabilities. Data aggregation, ETL, data storage and governance, taxonomy development and normalization, data cleansing and validation, analytics, visualization, reporting, scorecarding, collaboration and planning. Beckon does them all.


Beckon pulls in ALL the data that matters, not just the sources with APIs. Whatever best-of-breed tools you use, whatever agency partners you rely on, Beckon integrates them in real time.


Between marketing’s messy data and omnichannel insight sits Beckon’s spend and performance data hub, where data is brought together, cleaned, organized and made ready to use.


At last, an omnichannel analytics engine with a marketing point of view. Beckon comes preloaded with hundreds of best-practice marketing performance analyses for omnichannel insight right out of the box. Plus, build your own formulas, whether simple or complex.


Want to know what’s working best? Need a quick answer to an important business question? Ask your data. Beckon’s natural-language Q&A interface lets you explore your performance data freestyle, slicing and dicing along any dimension.


Tell a powerful story of marketing’s impact on the business. Bring data, images, rich media and the voice of the customer to life in one beautifully simple dashboard. Leverage Beckon’s suite of best-practice reports, or build and publish your own.


See what’s working (and what’s not) across the entire customer experience, instantly. Map metrics and KPIs directly to the strategic objectives of the brand and business. Get the big picture of marketing performance at a glance.


The master calendar for omnichannel marketing campaigns and events sits in Beckon. The unique, split-screen view lets you plot any metric against the campaign calendar to see what turned on or off at that time to impact performance.


Beckon’s enterprise-grade, SOC 2-compliant platform is secure, scalable and tailored to your business. Rock-solid data integrity and governance mean data and insights you can trust.