Content creation, media planning and pacing, and ad viewability among the topics explored

San Mateo, CA—November 7, 2017—Beckon, The Source of Truth for Marketing™ and partner to many of the world’s biggest brands, this morning released its second annual report using data to break down the actual effectiveness of the year’s most talked about marketing trends. The report examines more than $20 billion in marketing spend and performance data across 1,000+ brands in nearly every country to objectively separate marketing myths from strategies that really work.

In some cases, the data revealed strategies that deliver tremendous value to the business, which only a small number of brands are actively utilizing. Other findings showed the lessons brands learned and dramatic adjustments they made to maximize the impact of their marketing investments. In keeping with Beckon’s commitment to helping all marketers do more with less and make the most of every dollar, the report sets benchmarks for success and lays out best practices and recommendations.

Top findings from the report include:

  • Media pacing is a big issue. Most campaigns see a four- to five-week delay before cumulative actual impressions catch up to plan.
  • Paying attention to pacing is a game changer. Campaigns that maintain close alignment between plan and actual hit 117% of planned impressions, while using only 73% of planned spend. Conversely, campaigns that stray from plan hit just 87% of planned impressions, and use 86% of planned spend.
  • Content engagement increased 15% versus the previous year. The surprise? Total content posted by brands decreased by two-thirds. Brands are seeing better results while producing less content.
  • Average media viewability is around 54%. That means roughly 46 cents of every media dollar is wasted on ads that no one ever sees.
  • Brands that measure and monitor viewability improved it by 27.5% in a single year. However, only 8.5% of brands currently track it.

“If you want to make good, trusted decisions, you need good, trusted data,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, CEO of Beckon. “Our goal in this report is for all marketers to have access to clean, comprehensive, accurate data they can track and trend against. Most surveys and studies reflect on what marketers are doing. We’re excited to report on what’s working. Because marketing is no longer judged by how much it does, but by the actual business outcomes it produces.”

The Beckon data sample analyzed in the report comprises the marketing spend and performance data for more than 1,000 brands, representing over $20 billion in marketing investment across almost every country globally. The dataset includes all channels of marketing—earned, owned and paid media—as well as business outcome (sales) data and brand equity data, which was aggregated and anonymized for the report to ensure the privacy of Beckon customers. Findings are based on data captured from September 1, 2014, to August 31, 2017.

The second annual Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype report can be downloaded here.

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