Content creation, non-working media spend, programmatic ad buying and the business benefit of agility among the topics examined in the report

NEW YORK CITY (Advertising Week) and San Mateo, CA—September 27, 2016—Beckon, The Source of Truth for Marketing and partner to many of the world’s biggest brands, has analyzed over $16 billion in omnichannel marketing spend and performance data. In a report released today, the company puts current “hot” areas of marketing investment to the test, looking at actual spend and performance data from hundreds of brands to reveal objectively whether those investments are actually working.

The findings include surprising juxtapositions. Some tactics are clearly performing well, but only utilized by a small number of brands. Other tactics are widespread among brands, but the performance data shows little to no payoff. The report also puts concrete numbers behind strategies that marketers have believed intuitively to be effective, but never had good data to corroborate. Based on Beckon’s marketing performance analysis, third-party research and case studies from customers, the report makes recommendations to help data-driven marketers set benchmarks for success and chart a better course for action.

Findings in the report include:

  • Brand-generated content volume is up 300% year-over-year, but total engagement by consumers with content is flat. Remarkably, just 5% of branded content garners 90% of total consumer engagement.
  • Non-working media spend is up 50% while working media growth rates are only up 7%.
  • Programmatic ad buying is delivering 2x better ROI than media bought in traditional ways, but only half of digital marketing is traded programmatically.
  • Brands that are investing in rapid measurement and spend optimization experience a 12.7% lift in MROI and a 1% higher profit.

“As a business leader and marketer, you always want to ensure you get the best return for every dollar you invest in your brand,” says Mel Healey, retired Group President for Procter & Gamble North America. “Beckon is in a unique position to offer unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency insights into media and marketing performance using data across multiple brands and multiple channels of execution. I hope this report is just the first of many from Beckon, as it offers an unbiased perspective for the industry.”

“At Beckon, we ensure that every one of our customers has access to accurate, complete and validated data that they can track against and trend. From good, trusted data flow good, trusted decisions,” says Jennifer Zeszut, CEO of Beckon. “We are a rock-solid source of truth for brands, and we also want to be that for the industry. Most surveys and studies reflect on what marketers are doing. We are excited to report on what’s working—because marketing is no longer judged by how much it does, but how well it performs and the impact it makes on the business.”


The Beckon data sample analyzed in the report comprises the marketing spend and performance data for 203 brands, representing over $16 billion in marketing investment across 120 countries. The dataset includes all channels of marketing—earned, owned and paid media—as well as business outcome (sales) data and brand equity data, which was aggregated and anonymized for the report to ensure the privacy of Beckon customers. Findings are based on data captured from September 1, 2014, to August 31, 2016.

Beckon is discussing the report findings and other performance trends with marketing leaders from Coca-Cola, IBM and Reebok—all Beckon customers—on an Advertising Week panel that takes place tomorrow. Details can be found here.

The full “Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype?” report can be downloaded here.

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