Strategic Planning and Measurement Tool Helps Marketers Operationalize Performance Measurement and Spur Data-Driven Business Culture

SAN MATEO, Calif.—March 19, 2015—Beckon, the leading provider of omnichannel marketing performance software, today announced the availability of Beckon Marketing Scorecards—a strategic planning and management tool for delivering visibility into overall marketing performance.

In today’s incredibly fragmented marketing landscape, marketers have increasingly become overwhelmed by the complexity and diversity of the marketing data they must gather and analyze. Coupled with that, according to the 2014 McKinsey CMO survey, 65% of CMOs say the pressure from the CEO or board to prove the value of marketing is increasing.

To combat the mounting confusion over—and pressure to deliver—omnichannel marketing performance reporting, Beckon Marketing Scorecards visually map the results of marketing efforts to a strategic framework, showing with simplicity and precision how tactical activities work together to advance key objectives.

“We’ve spoken one-on-one with hundreds of marketing leaders since Beckon was founded,” said Jennifer Zeszut, Beckon CEO. “We’ve found that one single glaring problem dominates most every marketer’s thinking today—the pressing need for a data-driven performance measurement system that aligns marketing activities to business strategy.” Ms. Zeszut continued, “We developed Beckon Marketing Scorecards to deliver a structure for operationalizing omnichannel performance measurement—a way to systematically monitor and improve the overall marketing function over time.”

Based on the balanced scorecard system developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton more than 20 years ago and now used widely in organizations around the globe, Beckon Marketing Scorecards enable omnichannel marketers to:

  • bind tactical metrics to a strategic framework.
  • report performance against pre-specified criteria.
  • provide a marketing context for disparate datasets.
  • quickly derive actionable insight, making next steps and decisions clear.
  • align marketing teams around common goals and objectives.
  • tell the story of marketing success to the wider business.

“As marketing complexity and fragmentation increases, the office of the CMO is shifting from master executor to master integrator. Beckon’s omnichannel, multi-dimensional Scorecards are a critical alignment, analysis and communication tool for marketing in all its modern complexity,” said Zeszut. “The practice of selecting the right KPIs and setting up brand, campaign and product scorecards is such a strategic process for any world-class marketing organization. But it has been a process that has not been supported by software. Beckon is thrilled to bring automation, collaboration and industry best-practices to marketers everywhere.”

Beckon Scorecards provide the context for analyzing marketing performance against any number of objectives such as:

  • how well customers are moving along the traditional buyer’s journey from awareness to engagement to purchase.
  • how the marketing team is tracking against business objectives like greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • how well the team is meeting marketing objectives like increasing advocacy or earned media impressions relative to paid media impressions.

More information and many examples of Beckon Marketing Scorecards are available for download in The Art of the Marketing Scorecard—Using Data to Tell the Story of Omnichannel Marketing Performance.

About Beckon

Beckon is omnichannel analytics software for marketing in all its modern complexity. Our software-as-a-service platform integrates messy marketing data and delivers rich dashboards and scorecards for cross-channel marketing intelligence. Built by marketers for marketers, Beckon is the dashboard to the CMO—best-practice analytics and marketing-impact metrics right out of the box for ultra-fast time to marketing value. We serve marketers who want to bring order to chaos, make data-informed optimization decisions, and tell the marketing story in terms of business impact.