Beckon marketing dashboards now integrate campaign creative, custom narratives and more with performance metrics to more effectively inspire action and demonstrate business impact

SAN MATEO, Calif.—July 27, 2016—Beckon, the leader in marketing intelligence software, today announced enhancements and new data visualization features to its marketing intelligence dashboards, Beckon [Dashboard]. A true canvas for storytelling, Beckon [Dashboard] empowers marketers to easily and eloquently present holistic stories of marketing performance through the lenses most meaningful to their audiences in order to effectively demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the business.

Layered over Beckon’s omnichannel data platform that cleanses, normalizes and structures marketing data, Beckon [Dashboard] allows marketers to create accurate, universally trusted reports and visualizations with data that adheres to a consistent marketing taxonomy. With disparate sources of marketing data connected and unified within the Beckon platform, entire marketing teams can use Beckon [Dashboard] to tell impactful stories of marketing performance, tie their marketing activities to business outcomes, and market with greater agility.

New Features and Functionality of Beckon [Dashboard]

Marketers can now embed examples of campaign creative—images, YouTube and other video, Twitter and Facebook widgets, and more—to weave compelling stories around the campaigns being measured. Third-party data widgets from sources like Google Trends or SimilarWeb can be woven into a narrative with internal marketing analytics for comparisons or benchmarks. Additionally, report owners can use rich-text blocks to editorialize their data—wrapping metrics in commentary to provide greater context.

Addressing the need for reporting that’s customizable yet highly polished, Beckon [Dashboard] now provides layouts and typography that are even more flexible and beautiful. Marketers can generate and share reports easily, and conversations can be created and captured to facilitate action plans and increase collaboration. Marketers also have the ability to drill down and change the parameters of a report on the fly, easily pivoting to new points of view or applying filters to isolate datasets in order to address questions that often emerge during an initial view of the dashboard.

“Dashboards are powerful tools that help marketers be more agile and marketing organizations be more data-driven. But data alone won’t tell the story of marketing performance,” said Jennifer Zeszut, CEO of Beckon. “Beckon’s advanced visualization engine lets marketers go beyond pretty pictures and capture the qualitative and quantitative results of their marketing, in order to tell stories of marketing performance that engage, persuade and drive action.”

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