The Source of Truth for Marketing™

The Source of Truth is marketing’s true north. Without it, we’re lost. With it, we can grow our brands again.

We are strategic marketing leaders, charged with the most important responsibility of all—rev the engine of growth for our brands. We’re eager to use data to do more with every dollar. But there’s a problem. Marketing got messy.

The number of ways to connect with consumers has exploded. The path to purchase has fragmented. Siloed tools shoot out data exhaust. The data is inconsistent, disconnected and conflicting. Our dashboards may be pretty, but if the data is bad, our decisions will be bad.

Marketing needs data and insights that are reliable and consistent, so our decisions can be, too. Integrated and aligned, so our efforts can be, too. Fast, so our teams can act fast, too. Solid and trusted, so our reputations can be, too. Marketing needs a source of truth... The truth starts here.

"Beckon does the hard work—the heavy lifting to align our data—and delivers performance insight that we can trust and make decisions based upon."

  • Jascha Kaykas-Wolff
  • CMO, Mozilla

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"The truth starts here"

  • Juan Silvera
  • CMO, Rabobank

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