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"We've made a fundamental shift from our agencies owning our data to Bayer building a powerful data platform internally, our single source of truth. Having data available in real time allows us to be action-based rather than just seeing a history lesson several weeks down the road. We never could have gotten here without Beckon."

  • Jeff Rasp
  • Director, US Consumer Health Digital Strategy, Bayer

"With Beckon, we not only have a technology partner, but an educational partner and a strategy partner. Beckon is helping us flex a whole new muscle in the organization. My teams are now thinking about how to optimize with data, and that's a huge win."

  • Marci Raible
  • VP Global Media and Marketing, Campbell's Soup Company

"We had data spread out across the organization, but needed to get teams moving in the same direction. With Beckon, we got a place where all of our data can live and breathe and really be a tool and resource for everyone in the organization, allowing for the kind of focus our agile marketing strategy requires."

  • Chad Weiner
  • Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Mozilla

"Standardizing the reporting we used to do manually, and having integrated, validated data saves us hundreds of hours on every Media Mix cycle that we do, and ensures that the resulting insights are accurate. We've been able to cut months off of that process, and run mixed models and optimize investments midseason."

  • Conrad Bowman
  • Digital Analytics, Scotts Miracle-Gro

"The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. We need solutions that make us faster, smarter, more creative. I need to know that we're spending our dollars in the right way and investing in the programs that drive consumer obsession with our brand. That's what Beckon delivers."

  • Karen Riley-Grant
  • VP Global Marketing, Challenger Brands at Levi Strauss & Co.
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