Tackling advertising’s most elusive metric: viewability

As the marketing landscape becomes increasingly complex, so too do the metrics marketers need to measure to manage those efforts. One metric that the industry has been buzzing about is ad viewability—but why?  

Viewability can have a dramatic impact on marketing’s bottom line (after all, if an ad is never viewed, it can’t move a consumer towards a sale) but a multitude of factors impact the KPI. Surprisingly, only about 8% of brands are even tracking it. But those who do routinely monitor and respond to low viewability can improve it on average by 27.5%.

Curious what the 8% are getting right? Our latest guide will help you determine how important viewability is to achieving business goals at your organization, understand how to measure and report on it, establish benchmarks, and work with your media partners to adjust strategy (even after campaigns are in-flight) to optimize performance.

Download 5 methods to improve ad viewability to get started.