Measure everything, learn fast, spend wisely, and flat out do better.

Boost to return on marketing investment

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Data management, planning, analytics and dashboards
with a marketing point of view

Beckon is breakthrough software and expert guidance
with a data brain + marketing soul

Only Beckon believes in storytelling, not reporting

Marketers are born storytellers, so Beckon reinvented the traditional dashboard to be a flexible, inspiring storytelling canvas. Bring your data to life with images, video and the voice of the consumer to tell a powerful story of marketing performance.

Believes storytelling

Only Beckon measures the entire consumer experience

Why stop at the top of the funnel? Marketers should be orchestrating the full consumer experience. Beckon unites marketing data, sales data, equity scores, and consumer satisfaction and loyalty metrics from ALL the sources that matter so that you can understand and beautifully communicate what’s working best across it all.

Measures entire experience

Only Beckon was made by marketers, for marketers

Remember all those times you said, “What I need is X—why can’t someone just build that?” Well, we’re marketers, too, and we thought the same thing. So we built it. Unlike generic tools, Beckon is built on marketing best practices and preconfigured with the tools marketers need—integrated campaign planning, omnichannel analytics, KPIs that matter, real-time dashboards, performance scorecards and more.

Made by marketers

Only Beckon is beloved by both the CMO and the head of IT

Beckon unites your data once and for all to show you what’s working across it all. And it’s powered by an enterprise-class, SOC 2-compliant platform that’s purpose-built for security, scalability and portability. Oh, and it’s up and running in weeks, not years.

Beloved by CMOs and IT

Only Beckon knows that how well you did depends on what you set out to do

Beckon is more than after-the-fact reporting. It’s a platform for setting goals, aligning campaigns to objectives, setting targets, and tagging data to make it useful. We do more than measure success, we set you up for success.

Cost per engagement

Only Beckon is your full-service partner and trusted guide

We don’t just drop off software and leave. Beckon’s team of marketing analysts, data strategists and change management experts are with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Partner guide