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Enterprise Software for Data and Insight You Can Trust

Marketing data is beautiful when it’s right. Beckon’s integrated, clean, normalized marketing performance dataset and resulting performance reports, scorecards and analytics are the real and trusted numbers. That’s why Beckon is The Source of Truth for Marketing™.

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Data Brain + Marketing Soul

No more generic tools. Beckon is data management and analytics built by marketers, for marketers. A marketing-specific data model, best-practice performance metrics, beautiful dashboards, buyer’s journey visualizations, campaign calendars and more, all built right in for fast time to marketing value.

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Unlock Your Data, To Unlock Insight, To Unlock Growth

We strive to be data-driven marketing leaders. But marketing data is messy. We can’t build great things on shifting sands of messy data. We won’t find business-building insights in ever-growing lakes of ungoverned data. Beckon is clean, trusted data for clear decisions.

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Meet Beckon, The Source of Truth for Marketing™

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Unite your data once and for all.

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Marketing data done right.

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See what’s working best across it all.

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Instant answers to any business question.

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See and share the story of marketing performance.

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The big picture of marketing performance at a glance.

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The master campaign calendar.

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Security, permissions and controls that scale.

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Boost to return on marketing investment

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact of Beckon study

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"As CMO, I am at the helm, tasked with steering our brand right and true, through very choppy waters. But without trustworthy coordinates to navigate by, I simply cannot do my job. Beckon does the hard work—the heavy lifting to align our data—and delivers performance insight that we can trust and make decisions based upon."

  • Jascha Kaykas-Wolff
  • CMO, Mozilla

"Beckon does more than unlock data complexity. It also unlocks the critical insights that can power the growth of your brand. This is the long-awaited dream solution for every brand marketer."

  • Mel Healey
  • Retired Group President for P&G North America

"The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. We need solutions that make us faster, smarter, more creative. I need to know that we’re spending our dollars in the right way and investing in the programs that drive consumer obsession with our brand. That’s what Beckon gives us."

  • Karen Riley-Grant
  • Senior Director North American Marketing, Converse

"Having a solid source of truth for all marketing reporting has completely changed the game for us. NOW we can be data-driven. NOW we can be agile. NOW we can accelerate business growth."

  • Global Head of Marketing Analytics, Global CPG Brand

"We spent $100,000 for every custom report we had the agency create. There were about 200 of these reports being requested from across the company. Not only was this expensive, but having our agency create reports on their own performance was like letting the fox in the henhouse."

  • Marketing Leader, Global CPG Brand

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