images in tables marketing dashboard

Visually impactful storytelling with image tables

At Beckon, we’re continuously searching for new ways to enhance our marketing dashboards to deliver those magical “a-ha!” moments. Quick, clear, actionable insights. We love building features that are easy to use, visually impactful, and also resolve what customers have been asking for. In today’s complex marketing landscape, data-driven marketers need almost instant (but trusted!) insight into what’s working and what’s not. With it, they can optimize accordingly and prevent valuable marketing dollars from going to waste on advertisements, brands, content, campaigns, or initiatives that just aren’t resonating.

Our latest product update allows marketers to do exactly that. The feature enables users to map images to dimensions and choose to show those images in table charts, giving a quick view into how performance breaks down by campaign, brand, creative, audience, etc. Faster, clearer context for better, faster decisions.

With image tables in tow, you can seamlessly connect campaign outcomes with corresponding ad creative, see brand logos tied to key metrics, and answer important marketing questions including:

  • Which brands had the lowest sales this month?
  • Which creative is our audience responding to most?
  • How many impressions did our ads generate this past week?

While adding images may seem like a simple upgrade to the tried-and-true table chart, this feature is just one of many advantages to working with a platform purpose-built for marketing like Beckon. Today’s marketing environment demands real-time insights into how campaigns are performing to fuel better, faster decisions. Now with images alongside metrics in tables, you can quickly see, understand and optimize across it all.

image table marketing dashboard