Fire up your marketing dashboard Mojo

Just 1 in 5 marketers earn top marks from the C-suite for ability to prove value and contribution—down from 1 in 4 in twelve short months (2015 VEM MPM Study). Marketing excellence ratings are also down—now just 4.5 on a 7-point scale (August 2015 CMO Survey).

We have all the data in the world at our fingertips. We are indeed getting better at showing the quantitative impact of our initiatives and programs. Why does our reporting miss the mark? What’s wrong with our internal communication strategy? We marketers are masterful storytellers. We spend hours obsessing over the stories we tell our customers. It’s time to put that storytelling talent into our internal reporting tools and processes. And here’s a great resource for getting started.

10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Dashboard Great is a best practice guide for infusing marketing dashboards with context, imagery, comparison and benchmark data and much more in order to tell more compelling stories of marketing performance—stories that inspire action. Because it’s not just the data—or even the insight we glean from the data that matters most. It’s what we inspire others to do about it.

This is a great resource for anyone considering adding a marketing dashboard partner to the marketing stack in 2016. It will help you to craft the right processes around how to turn your marketing dashboard into a decision-making engine and use it to the fullest. You can also grab some inspiration from a recent post by Beckon VP of Product, Shawn Smith—Marketing Dashboards: A Canvas for Storytelling.