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Data-driven marketing gets even better with AI

Any marketer who has attempted to tap into their data to get actionable, cross-channel insights knows how troublesome the process can be. Ingesting the data, cleansing it, mapping and enriching it…that’s just the beginning! Once you have a trustworthy dataset, you gather your top business questions, determine what data and metrics answer them, and try your hand at visualizing it all. If you miss a step, do them out of order, or make a mistake, your entire analysis is wrong. For most, using data to make better marketing decisions is ultimately too complicated, error-prone, time-consuming, and frustrating. This is why so many initiatives to build a data-driven org fail to take off.

At Beckon, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can push the limits to help our customers overcome daily data challenges like these with technology. The more flexible, intuitive and comprehensive our data management and reporting capabilities, the more we’ll interact with our data, the smarter our teams become, and the more we can achieve with each marketing dollar. That means making it effortless for anyone—not just a trained data scientist or analytics specialist—to quickly access good, clean data, create a meaningful dashboard, and interpret the results.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. Beckon has always been approachable for marketers, allowing them to manage their data and create dashboards and reports without any technical knowledge. AI simply makes the platform that much faster, flexible, easier, and more powerful. With our latest release, Beckon taps into the power of AI to analyze marketing data at the source and enforces it against our universal data model. The system then applies the data to our proprietary library of industry best practices to seamlessly anticipate business questions and generate actionable insight reports and dashboards in a single click. Not only does this significantly cut down on data integration, preparation and cleansing time, but it offers easier, more intuitive ways for marketers to interact with data, interpret insights, and act on the findings. And, now it’s simpler than ever to add more data for even more context and perspective.

Of course, when it comes to AI, a model is only as good as the data used to create it. Beckon’s AI capability leverages learnings gained from working with the world’s best brands, so marketers can now collectively benefit from the wisdom and best practices of fellow measurement pioneers solving similar challenges. When a new data source is connected, we parse the available data, and best practice reports and dashboards are populated, delivering actionable insights almost instantly. Instead of taking months digging through piles of data trying to determine what’s useful, what’s not, and how to structure it, we do this seamlessly in a couple of clicks.

It’s an exciting time to be a marketer and we’re honored to join you in your journey. Our promise to you is that we’ll continue to identify inefficient, complicated or tedious steps along the way—like cleansing, preparing and integrating data—and develop ways to further automate it, so you can focus on using the data to grow your brands.

We’ll be at ANA’s Data & Measurement Conference this week in Orlando so please come by our booth if you’re interested in a demo or learning more about how our latest AI offering can help your organization. If you’re not attending the event, please reach out!

For more information on the latest AI installment, check our our press release or shoot us an email at And get ready for more big and small changes here at Beckon that will make the way you work with marketing data better than ever!