10 steps to a standout marketing dashboard

We’re innovative, creative marketing leaders. We spend countless hours obsessing over the stories we tell our customers. But, when it comes time to report on marketing performance to internal stakeholders, we seem to forget our storytelling skills. We throw up numbers and graphs with little or no context, only to find a sea of confused faces in the audience. Marketing dashboards should be conversation starters, not conversation killers.

Clean, trusted data is table stakes for the modern marketer. But, being data-driven extends further. Marketers should fully own their own success story. Marketing dashboards can be a storytelling canvas, combining data, insight and perspective to beautifully communicate marketing’s impact on the business.

Beckon’s white paper 10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Dashboard Great is a comprehensive guide to designing dashboards that inspire, engage and drive action. Kick your reporting prowess up a notch with images, video, the voice of the customer and more. We’ll show you the ropes.